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Monday, August 20, 2007


It’s sad! That I have not found time to place a single word upon this jolly blog in the last few weeks! I feel that I have stored up enough emotional shite, emoshite for short, to compile a reasonable and enjoyable post for my many fans. Yes, yes thank you, you can all sit down now!

A quick summary of my stored-up emoshite over the last fortnight.

1. Embre' tos grande bohino's!! Blog takes back seat…
2. Miro' el contre', sones el mucho te fronante' nos dronos tel core'! Ke?
3. 12 Tequila’s
4. Mucho's nero' tos automobile', crose' el tino mara nochos!

5. Te nos elcarte'! Ke?
6. Punto tel nostroserente'!
7. Get shat on by close friend in drunken rage in peaceful bush!
8. Posate' mel carte'!

9. Al tore' Jesus!
10. See Buggaluggs with her new rebound and drink myself into happiness.
11. Looser Hang Over with a Massive Complex!
12. Cashing in a government grant to meet my social expenses!

12 reasons to need a change, 12 reasons to deserve a change, 12 reasons to stop telling yourself you’re an emotional fuck-up and have a bloody beer and thank what's his face for keeping me alive, giving me such great friends and opening my eye’s to the fact the YOU create your own happiness…YOU do what YOU want in order to be happy in life…YOU are your life, and your life should be happy because of YOU!

13. Going back to study next! Getting a new job in something I want to learn more about and enjoy! Being Happy! Chester’s back!


Doodle said...

Great to have you back Chester. Been checking everyday in hope for another post! And it's fairly inspirational, for me at least! Thanks.

Peas on Toast said...

Great to have you back Ches, but under these circumstances...hold the phone - you've really resigned?

Chester Pillow said...

Thanks Dudes!

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