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Monday, March 7, 2011

Alfred E. Neuman and Other Weekend Discoveries

And how was your weekend?


I have lost the fight with the gremlin that keeps crashing blogger on our server. Instead, I have returned to the poster child for reliability for my blogging needs... Wall-E, my iphone!

This weekend hardly exsisted for Rom and I. Too much on.  But I managed to fit in the Sharks game, and her The Bachelorette, so we had a brief few moments to ourselves.

We spent the latter half of Sunday evening catching up on Idols. I don't specify which one because there is only one, SA Idols is like a bad charity, giving hope to losers but not enough to make them great.

Roms, however, made an astonding discovery.  One of the contestants, the deep voice, country singing "Baby lock dem' doors" dude Scotty McCreey had a remarkable resemblence to Alfred E. Neuman, Mad Magazines iconic cult representative!

Check it out! It's like finding Aliens in your bathtub...

Separated at birth?

My finace is sending Heat and People magazine an email as we speak! This could be one of the worlds greatest misteries explained!

Who is Alfred E. Neuman?

He's Scotty McCreery!


Toe.spit. Sport24, my gardener loved the Proteas shirt... pity the Team puked on themselves!


Luke said... did we miss that!? It's like when Superman wears glasses and becomes unrecognisable to anyone...! Alfred E Newman was right in front of us, this whole time!

Tamara said...


I hear you on overloaded weekends. This coming w/end is the first one this year with NOTHING planned and I can hardly wait!

Cam said...

Luke... he's like been in stealth mode!

Tam... Us too! Enjoy it! :)

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