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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad Weekend. Good Weekend.

Well, let's not daddle dance around the dingle dangle... this wasn't a great weekend for sport!

Proteas = choked
McLaren = beaten
Sharks = lost

I love sport. And I'm passionate about my teams... it's not just a game!

Supporting is a hobby! It excites me, it disappoints me, it captivates me! So for someone who's only just started watching cricket to say I'm a 'fair weather supporter' is off-sides!

Great teams choke, Readers.

Good teams lose, bad teams get beaten, but when you have the talent that the Proteas have, you would expect the obvious result! Not so!
But when your talent has no big match temperament, you fail under the pressure of 'not delivering' to those expectations... and that, my friends, is choking!



It sucks, but it is a reality. If you expected anything else, it's your own fault!

I did.  I had big expectations for the Proteas because I knew what they could do, and seen them do it! But in the face of failure, they suck! A simple, and utter, choke!

*cough sounds*

Good teams get beaten by better teams... I could have handled that!

But the kiwis? The hicks of the Pacific?


If you'd have watched the Sri Lanka game, you would have understood what delivering is. And England aren't a bad team, the Smurfs just have BMT!

The sad thing is I'll always support them, they're my team! But for now, you guys need to understand that you fucked up a fantastic opportunity to show what you're all made of!

And quite honestly, you're not worth the praise right now... you don't deserve it! That's something you'll have to earn...

... again!

Good weekend?

We found our wedding venue! And it's awesome!


Tamara said...

I thought Lewis did quite well to hang on with bits of his car dragging along the tarmac, actually.

Just sad that the impressive one-set-o-wheels rookie Perez and teammate Kamikaze Kobayshi were disqualified after the race :-(

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