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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bring the Chilean Miners Back!

It's evidently racist to throw a banana at a Brazilian!

Who knew?

I suffered some ridicule over that fact I blogged about sport rather than my wedding...

... the truth is, the Proteas cut me real deep. I was gutted, and I wanted the world to know! I wanted you to understand my emotion as if I was reaching out from a deep, dark and lonely bunker of self pity...

... Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha! LMFAO!

Go Banana's!

Seriously, Readers, I'm so over it!

As for our wedding, I'm so into it it's awesome.  Ro can't frikkin sleep at the moment! She's organising tables, and designing dresses, drinking champagne... Bridezilla look out, we have Bride-squarepants!

It's exciting. Can't wait. Unfortunately, that's the kuk part... waiting.

We have a year to get through. What with all that's going on in the world... War, waves and weird whasabi, a wedding here or there wouldn't be a bad thing! Generally, they're happy times.

The world needs a wedding!

So I guess we'll have to settle for Will and Kate, or is it Kate and Will?



Luke said...

Wedding's scare me...I helped to organise my sisters wedding which was less than pleasant. However, I suspect that if you're the one in the actual wedding, it's a whole other kettle of fish :) My sister had the time of her life at her wedding! Congrats mate! When's the big day?

Spear The Almighty said...

I was lucky, my wife arranged about 90% of everything for the wedding. She is good like that. We married at Morgenhof, a wine farm in Stellenbosch, it was pretty awesome. :)

Paula said...

eeeep I looove wedding planing. I'm not even dating and I'm on wedding blogs. There's a south african one Ro and thineself might like:

Cam said...

Luke - they're not to bad! It's finding the venue, picking the date that's stressful - esp. when you want it in the bundu's - but the rest is all whether you want the admin or not... we just don't, we're chilled :) Thanks dude, big day on the 8th April 2012, hence, the wait..

Spear - Man, what a venue it's beautiful there, shit, sounds like it was awesome, how it should be...

Paula - Tanks P will pass it on!

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