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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vote the Goat

So, did you make your mark?

You don't have to answer... people are sensitive like that!

Strange that, isn't it? People should be proud and patriotic! Why can one citizen wear an ANC shirt, yet another feel scared to disclose their Alliance.

Let me just say, that I certainly have no respect for anyone who aligns themselves with racist radical right-wing exclusively discriminative parties!
Ignorance comes in many forms, and believe you me, it's most concentrated in the Congress and Fronts.

Have I said too much?

My vote, my opinion! :D

I believe South Africa is on the verge of change.

I sick of being separated from one another, tired of Malemas iron fisting, and certianly gatvol of irritating minorities!

I want the potholes to be fix!
I want to feel comfortable that my Fiance' can arrive home after dark without fear and anxiety!
I want ex-pats to eat humble pie!
I want privacy when I pooh!
And most of all, I want freshly baked bread at traffic lights!!!

I never got my text message, Helen, but never you mind, Jacob sent me a please call me...

... you heard that one already, hey?



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