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Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes, I now play the harmonica!

Ro got me a harp in C for my Birthday!

Among other things, like an Xbox game, books and clothes. Spoilt :D

I can now play Neil Young on the guitar, and harmonica... not quite like this scruffy fella down below, but close...

"Ugly guy gets on stage wearing scruffy tweed holding a guitar with a harmonica brace round his neck.
Hot chick gets on stage wearing lingerie with tonnes of make up surrounded by dozens of dancers, backup singers but no instruments at all. Expensive flashing lights and TV screens everywhere around the stage.
Which do you think will make the better music?"


Paula said...

Its debateable- how good are the producers of the flashing lights tons of make up girl? And how bad is her singing?

Unless you mean in terms of lyrics in which case- definitely harmonica dude. His looks means he's better fitted to actually experience life and write songs nicely.

Paula said...

and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry. I tend to just read blogs rather than comment these days. Hope it was amazing!

ANy updates on the wedding plans? Still Vegas? Are you doing an engagement photo shoot?

desi said...

definately the scruffy dude.

Heart of Gold is one of my favourite songs ever!

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