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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hi, my name is Lying Knob... but you can call me James Lech!

If you haven't see it or heard about it, have a look here first...

and then here...
Now, let me ask you this...

What kind of a human being stands back and watches his rottweiler maul a 4 year old girl and then lies about it?

Answer: Not a very nice one!

I bet James Lech pooped a little when he saw the YouTube clip that captured EXACTLY what had happened on that unfortunate day! And sadly, so much has been written on what a tool this guy is that most people forget a little girl got hurt in the process.

I was too emotional to write about this after it had become public knowledge, I know the mother personally, but now I feel compelled to highlight my dissatisfaction for this person in two words...

Complete Knob!

He lied numerous times about the incident. Saying the little girl had 'aggrevaited' the dog.  Then he said she stepped on it - video shows otherwise.  He also claims the mutt is a 'service dog', which he has not yet managed to elaborate on! Excuse my ignorance, but, don't only blind people need service dogs? Other than Police Sniffer Dogs?
Yet, he has only NOW issued a lame apology and regrets what happened to the 4 year old girl!

Oh, sorry James, all those excuses must have clouded your moral high ground! When did you realise a little kid got hurt? Only after your nose got rubbed in the carpet you pissed on?!

~no pun intended~

This guy should not be allowed out in public, seriously! It's as bad as taking a dog to a mall!

Funny that!



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