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Monday, July 25, 2011

Keep Joburg Weird!

Where are the best Sunday's spent...

... at the park, with a lovely lady!

And Mushroom Park in Sandton is a great spot to lie on the grass with a freezochino and people watch!

Not to sound judgemental, but if people actually heard what Ro and I discussed as they walked passed us in their Sunday outfits, with mongrel looking slobber dogs (and kids) and the "I'm not being watched" approach to their stroll they'd probably lob a rock at us!

The funny thing is, humans are at their BESTEST when they think they're not being viewed. It's kind of like being on safari with a weirdo kaleidoscope, only the kaleidoscope is set on Sandton, not Boksburg.

Why come to a park looking like you've stepped out of Taboo?
Why come to a park to chat to people on your cellphone?
Why come to a park to walk a foot long dog that almost collapsed from exhaustion, just getting out the car?
Why come to a park to shout at your kids... they're playing carefree style, don't tie them to a tree?!
Why come to a park on your own... in a trench coat, staring at the merry-go-round...

... hang on!

ParkLife... for all your happy Parking materials.

And some.

Ps. That Hyundai balloon sucks big-time!


Tamara said...

People watching is fun. Being watched is less fun.

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