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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Like punching in a dream...

Oi so much to write on where do I start?

I think I'll give a topic, and a brief anatropo thereafter to lessen the load on our congested minds...

The Beginning

Norway - I know this could hit a few nerves, but I am so overwhelmed with the grief pinching that is being spewed across social media! Yes, I criticised David Mosely for having an opinion about people having opinions for this type of thing.  My feeling is, it is such a tragic event... for the people of Norway! Our thoughts go out to them, however, we don't need to hear about the grief that you've suddenly become stricken with after reading a fucking Newspaper... try being Norwegian! I find it selfish and quite frankly, disgusting!

Zuma and the Drink Spiller - Wow! Justice has been done... really? Showerhead really has brought down a crime syndicate here! Drink spillers are as bad as rapists... well, clearly not! They are worse by the looks of it!

Amy Winehouse - Yup, she was talented! Yip, she made one great album! Yes, it's a tragic loss of life! Public figure or not, she had choices, and her choice was to fuck her life up which otherwise would have been better spent on someone who is either choosing to live, or fighting an illness. Get-over-it! She's wasn't John Lennon or Michael Jackson!

I'm sounding very negative here - sorry - no-one ever said my blog wasn't cynical!

Moving - on a happier note, Ro and I move into our larger and more spacious house at the end of August! We've been canned up in our little tree-house apartment for a bit too long now... time to stretch the arms! Although we're going to miss that place! It was our first home, where we entertained on the floor, watched TV from the toilet and had a mouse as a pet! Sadness!

Ok... had enough of writing now, will save the rest for another time.

Naked and famous.


Tamara said...

Exciting about the move! All the best with the planning and packing etc.

Btw... ke meaning to say that I'm loving the current look of your blog and the scrolling pics at the top.

Paula said...

Kim LOVES the song you put as your title. I've downloaded it but haven't listened. (it's a part of her punishment. haha)

I didn't cry for Amy. She is no Michael. But I really liked her way of writing songs- it's TOTALLY the way our generation speaks and feels. It's just strange that she's gone. Adele is SO serious with real words. I'll miss her.

Speaking of Norway. I don't know where I heard it but someone once said on TV or a movie. That Norwegians come from Norwegia. Cracks me right up.

Congrats on your move! Me hopes its most wonderful.

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