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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How do you get a Maroon 5 song out of your head?

If you move like Jagger?

Fuck that song annoys me! But it's usually the annoying ones that stick in your head like Pritt!

Ro and I went to an 'open day' at our wedding venue on Saturday and let me tell you, the excitement is now becoming intolerable!

270 days to go...

... have to 'stick' in there!

We tasted all the menu possibilities, met some other suppliers although we've stuck down most of them already. But was nice to get a feel for the place. Just wish it wasn't so far away however, everyone keeps saying the time will fly... it's just not fly fast enough!

It seems like these next 4 weeks are dragging! We want to move, we want to start decorating our new place, we want to be able to fart in the lounge without hearing it in the bedroom! But winter has this knack of dragging it's heals like a drunk gorilla in Illovo!

And there's more winter to come! Another cold front is sure to hit Jozi like an icy fly swat!  You know it's on it's way when your Cape Town mates start complaining on Facebook!
Statuses range from, "Fuck, I just shat a polar bear" to "OUR MOUNTAIN! THEY TOOK OUR MOUNTAIN!!! No, wait, sorry, it's just cloud and fog... boy, that was a close one!"

Then you know it's time to wrap-up in Jozi Hannesburg!



Paula said...

Awwww this post is so filled with cute! EEEEEEP

Except shitting a polar bear. Like huh?! hahahahahaha

I actually laughed really loud through most of it. Naughty blog.

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