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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This World Needs a Hero!

It's a sad place!

I'm sure many will share this sentiment!

There are so many opinions and statements FLYING around social networks but in reality, anarchy is a product of neglect?

Whatever your thoughts our about the UK Riots, my feeling is that you either have to be cynical or humorous these days otherwise you'll just get depressed!



Paula said...

Anarchy is trendy. I think. If you look on CherryFlava there are tons of advertising/musical opportunities in it. Anything to make us feel more and more unique. Although having someone who agrees with you on anything means you are not unique ergo defeating the purpose.

I guess we do need superheros. So that there's something actually unique.

I just hope they stop hurting other people in the process (riots). Because then they are doing what was done to them in another way.

PS I deleted me blog. We broke up due to artistic differences. Please remove mein URL from your blog list. I have no plans of beginning another one (but will carry on reading and commenting on yours…)

Momcat said...

We probably need more than one hero at the rate humanity is going. After spending a few days catching up on news of the world, I'm amazed that it keeps spinning on its axis what with natural disasters and wars galore!

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