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Friday, May 25, 2012

It's just a Winky!

I’ve had second thoughts on the post below ‘I am a racist’!


Even though I felt it highlighted a good point, that race is often taken out of context and used as an excuse, it still was a negative article.  Even with all the hype, I noticed one of the commentators wrote a counter article entitled… South Africa’s Races Can Stand Together… and you know what, he’s fucking right!


I think articles trying to make a point from anger are only going to create one reaction… divide.  And that’s exactly what it’s done, and what we don’t need!


Positive outlook, not questionable ethics, is what this country needs in order to ‘Stand Together’!


Righteous. Yes!


Tough. Of course!


But who listens to the government anyway?


And to be honest, things aren’t that bad here… trust me! We’re all far too negative and obstructive when it comes to politics.  We, as South Africans, are actually fucking lucky.  And the ones who aren’t sitting in their middle class homes without jobs and decent education do have a right to complain! And let them!


I won’t recall that post, however, I’ll leave it there as I’m sure most people have read it already.  I just want my opinions to be clear… I am NOT a racist. I’m just human, like everyone else.


Bring back June 2010!


Have a good weekend.


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